Do I need Smart Radiator Thermostats for all my radiators?

Do I need Smart Radiator Thermostats for all my radiators?

We recommend installing Smart Radiator Thermostats in all rooms which you want to control intelligently. The areas where you spend most of your time, such as the living room, kitchen, dining room etc. are most suitable to be controlled by Smart Radiator Thermostats. This way you achieve the highest comfort at home and save most.

If you have already installed a Smart Thermostat/Wireless Temperature Sensor in your home, we recommend that you also install Smart Radiator Thermostats in the room in which the Smart Thermostat is located.

All radiators you choose not to equip with Smart Radiator Thermostats will need to be controlled manually. If you leave your conventional radiator thermostats open, they will heat up whenever the boiler is on.

We recommend that you set your conventional thermostats to frost protection mode and only turn them up when the room is in use.

If you would like to change this behaviour, we suggest that you equip all of your radiators with evanell° Smart Radiator Thermostats* to achieve individual room control.

We will be happy to provide you with personal advice on how evanell° controls your heating system and makes the most of it. Simply contact us via chat with your heating set up information.