How can I restart my evanell° devices?

How can I restart my evanell° devices?

To restart the Internet Bridge, press and hold the pairing button until all the LEDs on the device turn off (for about 10 seconds). Then release the button and your device will restart automatically.


Smart Radiator Thermostat

To restart the Smart Radiator Thermostat, remove the batteries from the device and wait 10 seconds before putting them back, then close the battery compartment. Then wait 1 minute before you remount the device. This ensures the device will calibrate successfully. Your device will then restart automatically.

Pairing devices to gateway in reset mode

If you could not succesfully pair the devices with gateway, you can open pairing mode on the device with following steps.

1- Take out the batteries

2- Install the batteries while pressing middle button

3- Click middle button once

You will now see wi-fi icon blinking on the device display and now you can do the pairing on the APP.