I have a new router/modem. How do I connect it to evanell°?

I have a new router/modem. How do I connect it to evanell°?

First, set up your router/modem and make sure it is connected to the internet.

For evanell° heating devices

To connect the Gateway to your new router or modem, follow these steps:

1 Plug the USB cable coming from the Gateway.
2 Follow the same steps as if you install a new Gateway to the app.

Once your Internet Bridge has paired, your other evanell° devices will automatically pair and connect to the Internet Bridge.

Wait for 5 minutes for all the devices to reconnect automatically to the gateway. You dont have to do anything extra in this step.

Change some temperature settings on the app to see if you have any reaction. If the reconnection is succesfull you will see temperature changes on the device display.


If you cannot see any change take out the batteries on the radiator thermostats and reinstall them and restart the device.

If you still cannot see any change remove all the devices on the gateway by doing following steps:

1- Select the device you want to remove. Click top right on the app UI.

2- Click remove device on the bottom of the screen

3- Click ‘remove and wipe data’ to delete the device.

4- You can now do the regular pairing as if you install a new device.