What are Quick Actions?

What are Quick Actions?

Quick Actions allow you to make changes that affect specific rooms or all of your rooms at once, from your Home screen. They include the following:
1 Geofencing actions
1 Switch to Home
2 Switch to Away
3 Switch to Auto
2 Open Window Detection action
1 Turn Heating OFF
3 Master Control actions
1 Turn OFF
2 Resume Schedule
3 Boost Heating

Geofencing actions
Non-Auto-Assist users: the Switch to Home or Switch to Away buttons allow you to change your Geofencing state. The buttons will be visible when your Home’s Geofencing state does not match your Home members’ positions.

Auto-Assist users: Switch to Auto will be visible when you have manually set evanell° to Home or Away. This will allow you to return to automated Geofencing.

Turn Heating OFF
For non-Auto-Assist users, the Turn Heating OFF button will appear when an open window is detected. This allows you to pause your heating until the window has been closed.

If open windows are detected in multiple rooms, you will see a button for each room that requires attention.

Turn OFF
All rooms will be set to OFF (frost protection) until you select Resume Schedule, or manually adjust your rooms. This setting will override any heating or cooling schedules during this time.

If all rooms are already off, this button will not be shown.

To turn on selected rooms, tap on the specific room from the Home screen and cancel the adjustment.

Resume Schedule
Reactivates the heating or cooling Schedules for all rooms, when some or all rooms have been manually adjusted or turned off.
If all rooms are already following their Smart Schedules, this button will not be shown.

Boost Heating

All heating devices will be set to the maximum temperature for 30 min. This will override all heating schedules and adjustments made before activating Boost Heating.

If a boost has already been activated, pressing Boost Heating again will restart the boost time from that point for another 30 minutes. Once the boost time is over, rooms will return to their Smart Schedules.

To cancel Boost Heating for all rooms, select Resume Schedule. To cancel Boost Heating for selected rooms, tap on the specific room from the Home screen and cancel the adjustment.

Boost Heating does not affect rooms controlled by a evanell° Smart AC Control.

Note: Quick Actions do not affect hot water control.